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Vehicle and fuel tracking - Tracking Solution

We have 2 tracking solutions – The DCUT and Dlite options. More about them below.

Our DCUT Product is our elite tracking device. This product is VSS accredited with 10/10 rating for tracking and 10/10 rating for recovery.…

Your purchase will include:
  • Live Tracking on Cell Phone
  • Live Tracking and historical trip data on Web
  • Full PC based Fleet Management Software
  • 24/7-armed Recovery Service if stolen
  • Ability to stop your car / truck with a SMS if stolen or Hi-jacked

Fuel Monitoring:

Our DFUEL Solution is where we install probes into the diesel tanks, and we give you live fuel monitoring. This eliminated diesel theft, which is one of the biggest problems for the transporters. This solution includes all the benefits of the DCUT solution, but adds the fuel sensors, live fuel monitoring, and automated fuel usage reports.


We can also provide both live feed camera system or a system that records only. Up to 5 cameras per truck

Please feel free to contact me if you would like and official quote, more information, or would like to schedule a meeting for additional information.

Now you can stop your truck, car or bike with a sms. No more dangerous high-speed chases, or time for them to drive off and disable y…our tracking unit. Simply send a sms that will stop the vehicle, and then call our recovery service to retrieve it for you.

We also do DFUEL, DCAM and DTEMP. Provides you with the peace of mind of VSS approved tracking and recovery. But did you know that all our units, even our trailer units, can be linked to a full Fleet Management Program where you can live track, or look at historical reports of your entire fleet.

Manage vehicle cost, even driver license dates. Cut operational costs in your transport company – Eliminate diesel theft. ACT TODAY, before the diesel price increase in August. Installers are more than willing to do installations at your home or depot during weekends. Let us protect your truck, trailer, car, motorcycle, scooters and even your FUEL.
Vehicle Recovery
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